Investment Criteria

  • Investment Strategy

    Our strategy is to identify mid-size companies that are leaders in their industry and possess meaningful growth opportunities. We approach our investments as long-term business owners and focus on pursuing growth opportunities as the primary driver to create value.

    Holcan develops a partnership with senior management in order to align interests and to provide an opportunity to share in the success of the business. Holcan does not directly operate businesses but instead focuses on supporting management with add-on acquisitions, financial structuring, strategic planning and identifying and attracting experienced executives.

  • Investment Parameters
    • Leader in an identifiable market niche
    • History of profitability
    • Strong management team
    • Minimum of $50 million of annual revenue
    • Within our geographic focus of Southern Ontario
  • Specific Areas of Interest
    • Food Processing
    • Healthcare Services
    • Post-Secondary Education
    • Niche Manufacturing
    • Business Services
  • Industry Focus

    Holcan considers investment opportunities in a wide range of industries. We draw on our extensive investing experience to evaluate and research the industries that we invest in. Industries outside of our investment criteria include technology, oil & gas and mining.

  • Situation

    We invest in fundamentally sound companies and are willing to deal with a number of different situations.

    • Complete or partial sale of a business
    • Management buyouts
    • Sale of a division of larger company
    • Going private transactions
    • Company seeking capital for growth opportunities
    • Partnerships